Holy Family Old Catholic Church
The Old Catholic Church:
Ancient Faith. Welcoming and Inclusive Church.
Serving the Modern World.

Welcome to Holy Family Old Catholic Church:
a parish of the Old Catholic Diocese of Napa,
which is a founding diocese of The Old Catholic Church, Province of the United States (TOCCUSA).

We have been serving the Fairfield community
since November 1999.

House of God

House of All

Whether you are Christian or not,
Whether you are married or divorced,
Whether you are gay or straight,
Whether you are from this community
or passing through,
Whether you are filled with joy or with sadness. 

 ENTER with all confidence

For this is your house 
as well as the House of God!

Holy Triduum Schedule on
News and Events Page


(Several churches meet at this location,
making space a premium,
especially on Sunday during the day.
The Saturday Mass does fulfill
the Sunday obligation).

We gather for Mass and Worship
every Saturday at

Open Communion:
If one believes in
the Real Presence of Christ
in the elements of bread and wine, one may partake of communion;
however, no one is turned away
from the Altar.

For more information,
contact us at
(707) 425-1748 or email


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